The Inner Spiritual Growth Journey

The Inner Spiritual Growth Journey

The inner growth journey had truly begun for my soul. My life had taken a big change. I was now on an amazing spiritual path.  I was still abit green but ready to learn.  I realised that this process takes time. You just cannot rush it. At times I felt like an onion with one layer being peeled off and then there would be a break, sometimes months of integration and rest, reading and meditation, allowing the energy and wisdom to absorb within. Then the next lesson, book or course would appear and yet another layer would shed itself. I realised soon enough that this is how spiritual healing works and how we grow all the time. There is no end to the spiritual journey.  It is different for everyone as we all have our own divine destiny and the guides and masters are different for all of us. However, most people find that spirit gives us just enough information to absorb and then allows time within you to use it in your life and make the changes required.

So, each year I attended more courses and moved upwards. I started to learn about past lives and how they affect us in the now. This is such an amazing topic and probably still one of my favourites. The changes I have seen within people once they released the past life that was plaguing them is truly amazing. I myself had a big past life experience and found the treatment very emotional and deeply healing. This is my account of one of my past life experiences.

I saw myself in Atlantis and I was young and being mentored as a Priestess to heal with crystals. It is so funny as I really love crystals to this day and work with them in my healing room. I was in love with a young man who was not of the high realm and we were not permitted to fall in love let alone with a local fisherman. But love is love and the time came when the island became dangerous and everyone had to flee. A volcano was erupting and the first to get into the boats were the higher order. The High Priests and High Priestesses and students. I was shuffled into a boat and was ordered not to look back. It was very frightening, and I was deeply upset. After all I was thinking, what was happening to the local people and the young man I loved. The emotions in real life were very real and as I was having the regression tears just fell and my heart was deeply saddened. As we moved further away from the shore line. The High Priest was yelling not to look back, but I couldn’t help myself and I did. I looked back and, on the shore line was the young man, my love, just standing on the sand. My heart was breaking, and I could not take it any longer. To go back would mean my death. The High Priest could see my desire and yelled that if I left that I could not return. But my heart over ruled my head and I jumped in the water and swam to the shore. Embracing the arms of my true love. The island was sinking, and we were in each other’s arms knowing we were going to die. We promised each other that we would find each other again in another life and that I would get the opportunity to complete my spiritual studies and he would assist.

It was a very moving experience. I cried many tears during and after this past life healing. It truly resonated within me and my soul. Both my partner and I  believe  we have known each other over many lifetimes. It’s a soul connection.  We have both lived many different lives. I knew him in Egypt, Persia, Europe, England and Australia. In each life time I have learnt something and even at times was killed for my gifts especially in times of religious revolt. However, in this life time. Living in Australia I can be free to practice my spiritual healings and share my knowledge and its very exciting. The world is changing, and we are all becoming so much more aware of how much there is around us to heal ourselves and the planet plus awaken humanity.  I am an old soul and I am proud to be a part of the change in our times of awakening and be shining my light once more.