SANDRA: Author and Spiritual Teacher

Advanced Healing Alchemist

 Qualified life force energy healer

and modern day mystic.

About Sandra

Temple Healing offers holistic healing practices to help you restore a state of balance to your life. Human energy systems can become clogged due to stress and illness and cause physical issues. By cleansing these imbalances and blocks, vitality can be restored.


My journey began in 2007 when I started to seek healing outside of mainstream medical services. My early career in a medical organisation as well as my own medical conditions changed the way I saw western medicine and made me question whether it was the only way forward. My frustrations with doctors who are aware of alternative healing but avoided implementing them to compliment modern medicine led me to embark on a holistic healing journey. I visited Egypt in 2013 where I found my intuitive and channelling connections enhanced greatly as I was initiated in a ceremony laying in the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza.


I felt my life and health transform when I experienced these healings myself and wanted to share my knowledge with others. My friends and family encouraged me to open a clinic, and Temple Healing was created.


I am a proud supporter of these healings and the positive transformations they create. My intuitive connection gives me great insight into my clients and allows me to release blocks for positive energy flow.


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Author of Busy Women’s Spiritual Guide

Advanced Healing Alchemist ( Auset Temple Healing)

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing (Auset Temple Healing)

Past Life Healing and Karmic Release ( Auset Temple Healing)

Soul Reconnection ( Auset Temple Healing)

Alchemical Soul Healing ( Auset Temple Healing)

Angel Miracles ( Auset Temple Healing)

Astrology One with ( Bracca Goldsmith)

Crystal and Chakra Therapy (Crystal Awakening Intensive 1 &2)

Hypnotherapist Practitioner (School of Complimentary Healing)

Tarot Foundations Level One (Biddy Tarot)