Looking at life from a different angle

Looking at life from a different angle

Hi I’m Sandra Kuehn. I am a qualified energy and crystal healer and oracle card reader. I also have the gift of channeling your guides and angels. I wish to share some of my experiences in my life that led me to a be who I am today.

In the past I was working in a corporate main stream job. Day in and day out. The job required long hours and big demands. All I knew at the time was to rush through the working days, each one just another blur.

I remember as a child growing up with the generation of parents who had lived through part of WW2. My mother always constantly told me that life was about working hard for every day of your life. “Self-sacrifice” she said was the ultimate requirement to survive. My mother often said, “there is no room for luxury holidays and no time to enjoy life”. The aim is to save that money as you never know what is around the corner.

I think back to all the fear that was put into those conversations and lectures…AAhhh

So as an adult I worked hard, very hard sometimes I had three jobs on the go. But after a while doing this every day, you feel your life becoming very dull and you think to yourself. What is this all about? I felt like a robot.

My body told me in many ways that it did not like what I was doing to it. But I just ignored all the symptoms and soldiered onwards.

I remember the day clearly when I stated to look at life from a different angle. I was very stressed and even had slight chest pains. I wasn’t sleeping properly and could not remember the last time I had slept 6 hours straight without waking up. I was working in a medical centre as a manager with Doctors and Nurses and everyday would see similar people like me coming in with the same symptoms. Then finally those people would have a heart attack or get cancer.

The volume of people was dreadful, and it was daily. The GP, s did what they were trained to do but something was missing.  I thought about this for quite a while. Then decided to go on a search into that big world of ours to see what other healing modalities were out there. I myself did not want to fall into the main stream of society and really wanted to help myself and then my family. So, the search began.

I came across a lot of different modalities but once I saw the Ancient Egyptian Healing modalities I felt something within me calling me to learn this modality. I had always had a fascination with Egypt as a child. Somehow this modality made me feel excited. Which was a good thing as I couldn’t remember the last time I was excited about anything.

So, in 2008 I started my first Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing course. I was amazed to see nurses in the room and one registrar. Wow I thought, that was truly amazing.  I’m in the right place. I must admit I was very green. I didn’t understand anything, but I was determined to learn. I remember the teacher doing a random channelled message for me from Goddess Sekhmet. It was unexpected and everyone in the room was so amazed that I received this amazing channelled message. It was fabulous however at the time I had no idea who Goddess Sekhmet was and why the message was given to me.

Of course, I now know who Goddess Sekhmet is. She is the powerful lion headed Goddess of Egypt of great healing. I also understand that once I opened myself up to learning a new way to heal that my spirit guides, angels and ascended masters assisted me the whole way to be who I am today.

I feel truly blessed to have found my calling and to be able to share what I have learnt  with so many.